About Us


We are a mobile sensory and messy playgroup.

We offer excellent services for young children with all abilities and needs. Our sessions are catered for children aged 0-6yrs, whilst our party events and half term sessions welcome older siblings. 

We run sessions during the week all year around, including half terms. 

We offer party packages to help celebrate your child's special day in a unique way to suit yourself and your child's interests. 

Children with all personalities come to our sessions, we have confident children who get stuck in straight away whereas other children take time to warm up which is also perfectly welcome. We enjoy watching children come out of their shells within our sessions. 

Our Sessions:

Our sessions are carefully designed to help child's development both physically and cognitively. 

Each session has a theme which will have activities based around the theme with different types of textures, smells and tastes for the children to explore. Each activity station will adhere to any allergies made known upon booking. Our stations are either edible or taste safe (not recommended to eat but safe if the child gets a little bit in their mouth)

Why messy/sensory play?

Messy/sensory play comes with so many benefits, it helps children learn social behaviour from sharing and taking turns with other children. It helps encourage imaginative play, encourage speech and language, develops gross and fine motor skills. 

Messy/sensory play helps children who are fussy eaters, this is done by having edible activities, different textures, consistencies, flavours and scents.